Dennis offers a dynamic program for Churches that provides substantial funds back to the church.  This programs is exclusive to churches! 

Come hear Dennis  speak from his heart  and the pure emotions as he does his seminars, lectures plays, dynamic reading and motivate the audience. It is said he speaks from the heart and will only talk about his own  

experience. Dennis  was killed on September 4th 1967 at Con Thien and went through the light. So peaceful but GOD told him he couldn't go he had to go back, he was not done what he must do and GOD had a plan from him. That set up years of searching for that meaning of what the plan was. In 2001 he realized what GOD meant and dedicated is like to the mission of how he could support the veterans, troops and their families. 

 LOST SOUL presentation is about his own journey to GOD after Vietnam. His NEVELLA BOOK SERIES will make you cry and smile as you understand the people who are instrumental in his journey to GOD. His FOR YOU presentation will give you a new understanding of what it was like in combat for your Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters. Understand what he means by "Johnnie is going off to war in combat, Johnnie will never come home, we hope John come home but Johnnie will never come home". He did this presentation to many families of the men and women being deployed including his own son Andrew who was being deployed to Afghanistan as a member of 4th LAR (light armored Recon). After they returned from deployment losing 4 of their members killed, the families knew the meaning. 


Church provides the Church for the Seminar, Lecture, play, dynamic reading or motivational speaking series

Dennis provides the subject of the event

Now I Understand and the Church will split the ticket sales both for at the Church  as well as on our on-line network uuest and gate with the Church