Dennis M. Butts
Veteran’s Life Coach
Helping Veteran’s build their lives, their fitness and their businesses

The vast experience of Mr. Dennis M. Butts is available to help veterans with their life matters. He is available to work with you on personal, religious and fitness matters as well as business issues. Mr. Butts provides his experience in veteran issues, family dynamics and business, developed over FIFTY years since he served in Vietnam to work for and with you!

You can attend a Veteran’s Life Coaching session in person, on the phone or on-line.  Mr. Butts also offers a full on-line Veteran’s Life Coaching session(s) utilizing full video to video interaction over the MICROSOFT TEAMS technology platform between and up to ten veterans in each group.

Dennis M. Butts is a highly requested speaker on the effects of war on our troops, veterans and families. Mr. Butts is Chairman HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION with 34 divisions and LLCs and is the Founder/Host of the TV show After Action Report which can be seen in the fall of 2020 on ISBN.LIVE NETWORKS. Mr. Butts is also known as an inspiration and motivator in the health, fitness and body building communities.

Mr. Butts offers a dynamic seminar program The Beyond the Wall the Journey to Understanding Seminar series, which is centered on the book, Beyond the Wall the Journey Home, written by Alivia Tagliaferri. The book is based on the experiences of Mr. Butts in Viet Nam, at the Viet Nam Moving Wall and conversations with wounded Veterans at Walter Reed. The Seminar is directed to corporations, associations, colleges and high schools to allow those who work with, attend a class or know a friend that is a combat veteran to understand how a combat veteran thinks and reacts to others they interact with on a daily bases.

Mr. Butts served as a forward observer and radio operator out of Delta Battery Second Battalion Twelfth Marines (2/12) attached to the First Battalion Ninth Marines (1/9) famed as the Walking Dead. The first Battalion Ninth Marines had the highest casualty rate in the Marine Corps with a ninety-four per cent causality rate. Mr. Butts was awarded three Purple Heart Medals among other medals and awards while fighting in the DMZ. Mr. Butts served at Con Thien and Gio Lin the two most forward positions (OP1 and OP2) in South Viet Nam with Delta Battery 2/12.

After First Battalion Ninth Marines was virtually wiped out on July Second, 1967 while on Operation Buffalo, Mr. Butts remained at Con Thien as a forward observer and radio operator with Delta Battery 2/12 in support of Third Battalion Ninth Marines (3/9). After being wounded for the second time Mr. Butts served as a radio operator handling incoming fire missions from his counterpart forward observers in the Fire Direction Control bunker with Delta Battery 2/12. Mr. Butts was wounded for the third time while at ConThien while trying to reestablish radio communications for the battery and was caught in the open while under heavy enemy artillery fire.

Mr. Butts received his first Purple Heart at Gio Lin and the second and third at Con Thien. Mr. Butts was sent home after the third Purple Heart at the age of nineteen after nine months of non-stop combat and finished his tour in the Marines at Quantico Marine Corp base and an instructor with the Artillery Demonstration Battery training new Marine Artillery Officers.

The book Beyond the Wall the Journey Home is a highly acclaimed book regarding PTSD and the effects of war after returning home. It was written with one purpose in mind, which was to act as a vehicle to explain what so many veterans cannot explain to their families, wives, children and others. The book is the voice of all veterans and was written to allow families, spouses, children and others to finally say "NOW I UNDERSTAND"!

The Beyond the Wall the Journey Forward Seminar and Work Shop was developed by Mr. Butts to provide one more step in the understanding of how combat veterans think, perceive and deal with the visions and thoughts that never leave the veterans for a one moment.

He shares his story with the goal of providing more understanding of how combat veterans think, perceive and deal with the visions and thoughts that stay with them forever.

The seminar goes through each chapter of the book and asks veterans the question, "how does this relate to your experiences and what does it mean to you"? It also speaks for every veteran and helps families and friends say "NOW I UNDERSTAND"!!!

The workshop allows the veterans (with their families if they desire) to discuss how each chapter of the book relates to their experiences in the war. It also allows veterans to express themselves through a third party, namely Dennis Michaels, who is Mr. Butts in the book. By hearing in-depth discussions about what happened to Dennis Michaels, veterans can finally begin the Journey Forward!

Mr. Butts is the Founder, Chairman of HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION with 34 divisions and LLCs. As well as eleven which included HVCC ACADEMIES.


ZOOM Interactive platform allows troops, veterans and their families to connect with up to 300  Veterans and family members to interface with full interactive video to video (everyone sees and talks to everyone) anytime from anywhere. MCN was developed to fully support the past, current and future veterans.  

Mr. Butts is also the Developer and Host of the television show After Action Report a 52 one hour series where the major topics that affect the troops, veterans and their families are discussed by leading subject matter experts. The After-Action Report TV show is aired on ISBN.LIVE Network and syndicated on worldwide.

Mr. Butts has appeared on many TV and radio shows as a guess on issues of veterans. Mr. Butts has upcoming interviews on TV and radio shows including the Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Boards show “People In Crisis” regarding issues dealing with veterans and law enforcement.

Mr. Butts was a Keynote Speaker at the Government Video Expo in Washington, DC. He has also  

guest lecturer at State University of New York SUNY on social issues and psychology related to veteran, troops and their families.

 Mr. Butts is a highly respected Veterans Life Coach where his vast experience in veterans issues, family dynamics related to veterans and his years of business experience and contacts enables him to offer a unique prospective to life issues and advice to veterans.

A major stage play is also being written, based on the book, and to open in 2020 around the country. The play is three acts and based on the conversations between Mr. Butts and a young Marine at Walter Reed’s Malone House. Audiences will gain invaluable insight into what our veterans are dealing with and going through upon returning home.

To schedule or discuss a Veteran’s Life Coaching Session or to join one of his Virtual Vet Center sessions please call 814-312 6104 or email at




$100.00 per session one hour sessions