Corporate Awareness and Mentoring

The Corporate Awareness and Mentoring program was developed to help companies that have or that are intending to hire veterans, particularly combat veterans or companies that want to hire veterans but do not understand the difference between combat veterans and non-combat veterans MOS’s and how to utilize the talents of both. Our Awareness and Mentoring program are extremely important.

The Program is designed to help newly hired veterans, current veteran employees, non-veteran employees and senior management to understand of how veterans and particularly combat veterans think and interact with other employees.

The Program will help HR Departments to understand the real values of the skill sets that veterans bring to the company.

The Program will help translate the military skills of the veterans to the company and develop those skill into tangible assets for the company.

Provides the veterans employees an internal peer to peer network

Provide a mentoring process for all new veteran employees through the development of an internal veteran corporate community.

Provides the Seminar Beyond the Wall the Journey to Understanding at various offices or locations to begin the process of understanding the veterans in a totally different light by other non-veteran employees and management.

Development of a directory of all veterans with their former unit and MOS Information and direct contact information to facilitate peer connections with other veterans who served in the same unit or same MOS within the company or organization.

Deploy the ZOOM video meeting and training platform for all veterans to utilize for face to face meetings with peers and counterparts within the veteran’s employee community.

Deploy the virtual always on peer to peer ZOOM Video 2 Video network for veteran employees to stay connected

Develop small group sessions with veterans and management on the virtual meeting network

Develop veteran directed training programs to capitalize on the veteran’s unique talents.

Develop events for veterans, families and other employees to get offline and exchange ideas and develop unity.

Develop Veterans outreach programs to enhance exposure of the company or organization to the veteran communities throughout the country.